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Eight Streets maintains an email mailing list. This is the best way to keep in touch with happenings around the Eight Streets area. Notices of meetings and happenings are sent out as a regular basis. It is also a forum where people can ask quesitons and such of their fellow neighbors. (For south-end wide issues, there is a South End forum mailing list.

Since so much information is sent out, we ask that all Eight Streets residents, members and non-members, subscribe to the email list to keep in touch with neighborhood activities.

The email list is hosted with the Yahoo! groups service. This is the easiest way to upkeep a large maililng list such as this. Yahoo! has also improved their subscription policy and mail filters, so subscribing to a Yahoo! list is no longer an open invitation for SPAM. The web interface also gives you greater control over your subscription, and allows you to see other group features, such as polls and photographs.

You can subscribe through one of the icons below. The single button will take you to the Yahoo mailing list page. The "subscribe" form and button will subscribe you right away.

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If you don't want to subscribe via the web, you can join and leave the group by sending an e-mail from your own PC to a special address. These are listed below:

Click to subscribe via e-mail

Click to UN subscribe to eightstreets

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